BAKANA GOLD Extra Virgin olive oil ,is the Excellent high quality, the result of a clean environment, the dry climate and the daily pressing nuts at low temperatures. Superior category Extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. A product of strictly organic cultivation,with no pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The careful harvert and the daily mill of olives give our brighy golden green colour of olive oil and well-balanced  fruity taste.


Since 1926 the selection of the best olives in Puglia territory, milling with traditional granite millstones, cold extraction and strict quality testing.

This is the way we produce BAKANA GOLD Extra virgin olive oil.


Each olive oil has its own organoleptic characteristics.

The colors flavors and perfumes vary infinitely according to several factors, the geographical location, the nature of the soil, the climate the cultivated species the maturity of the fruits at the time of the gathering the techniques of manufacture.







                                               BAKANA GOLD

                                              For your HEALTH


                               .. .. Reduces levels of bad cholesterol (LDL)

                               .. .. Increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL)

                               .. .. It prevents heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases

                               .. .. Prevents aging

                               .. .. It prevents degenerative diseases

                               .. .. It prevents some forms of cancer


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